This company has helped millions of people find balance in their life. Many companies have little pieces of wellness~ Only Nikken has it all! No matter what you are looking for…imagine the impact this simple concept can have on the world health! This 42 year company is always coming out with something new! It’s like adding layers & climbing to new levels of better wellness. It’s taking us to an even greater height in our health. I am living a mission oriented life. I love helping people get to a better place. A healthy body is a healthy society! I know I am making a difference in a very simple yet beautiful way.

Discover it for yourself.

Sourced from some of the world's best nutrient-dense foods, Nikken Wellness Organic-Based Nutrition is designed to support the body's vital systems. Each formulation includes carefully selected organic ingredients that work synergistically with each other to promote optimal health. Our nutritional supplements support specific biological activities - gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, neurological, immune and skeletal - and help fill in your dietary gaps.

PiMag Water® Water Technology begins with a high-tech, multiple-stage filtration system based on natural materials to clean water without chemicals. Nikken adds magnetic technology and ceramic elements that impart minerals to produce pi water. The result is a water system that is more environmentally sound, more energy efficient and more practical than commercially bottled water or other higher priced water systems.

Nikken offers products with proprietary, patented innovations to help you “sleep like a baby” because quality sleep enables you to perform better in every way. To help you live an Active Wellness lifestyle, we provide products that have massaging surfaces, ceramic-reflective fibers and magnetic energy, so you can move with ease and feel rejuvenated.

True Elements® Marine Organic Skin Care and True Elements® Hair Care help both men and women look and feel naturally cleansed and youthful. Our skin care is certified organic by Ecocert, a distinction very few products can claim. Designed to help prevent premature aging of the skin, our proprietary formulations are pH balanced and abundant in natural minerals, botanicals and marine organics. True Elements® Hair Care cleanses, nourishes and conditions the scalp to help stimulate hair growth and for a long-lasting, deep clean.